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The PLan for a Safe Makoto Summer

​​​​Will you be following the safety cleaning guidelines?
Of course. Makoto has always been focused on cleanliness. We like to keep our facilities "Japanese Clean". So, daily sanitizing routines and in-between activity wipe downs have always been the norm for us. This will not change. We will continue to clean daily... everything from doors to floors and vans to buses. Plus, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap will be plentiful. We've even added UV and ionic light bulbs to all our rooms in order to kills germs and bacteria. As well as adding a HEPA filter to our air filtration system.

Do the kids need to wear masks?
Good question. Some healthy organizations say "yes while others say "no." Some medical experts say it will help while others say it does more harm than good. For every pro there is a con. We are therefore leaving it up to you... the parents and the adults. You may send your kids in with or without a mask. We respect your choice and responsibility to your family. But masks will NOT be required at Makoto. And, the Makoto staff will also have the personal choice to wear or not wear masks.

SPECIAL NOTE: Now, some field trips during the Summer may require that the campers wear masks. If that is the case we will let everyone know about it during our weekly Summer Camp communications.

Will you be limiting group size?

According to current state guidelines during the "Yellow" phase, a business can only have 25 kids per summer group.
While that is challenging, we do have options that will allow us to safely serve you the Makoto Summer program that you know and want. We have SPACE. There are two Makoto facilities with many rooms and floors. Not to mention the outdoor, open-air areas. And we do have a bus... a BIG bus, along with six (6) vans. There will be plenty of room to spread out while at home or on the road.

Our Guarantee!

We want nothing more than for your family to be healthy, happy and safe this Summer. And at Makoto we will do everything possible to make that happen this season. Together, we will make this Summer awesome!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone -- (610) 280-0873 -- or email... sarah.lafrance@makotoway.com.