It is important that your child plan their own path through life. At Makoto your child will learn the three DOs for success. Do it. Own it. Live it. 


It takes a village to raise a child. And Makoto was founded to be part of that village. A partner to parents -- and another voice in the village -- that will help guide kids to forge their own path through life.


Makoto is a many-layered program. On the surface it's an after-school program. But at it's core, Makoto is a "Shuygo" program using martial arts, strength training and life coaching to inspire kids.  


Throughout history, the most influential leaders had guides showing them the way to greatness. Aristotle had Plato. Martin Luther King Jr. had Ghandi. Even Luke Skywalker had Yoda… “Do or do not. There is no try.” Together, they collaborated on what the right path was, and how to get there.

Today, mentoring is a lost art. With people too busy and too scheduled, we as a society have strayed from the guiding path. We are no longer a village helping each other to make our children strong.

Makoto was founded to be a part of your village. Another voice of reason. And to act as a mentor, guiding your children onto the path of their choosing... but one destined for success.  

We call that path – that road to excellence – The Makoto Way. And we hope you find your way to our doors.  

Makoto Summer Camp

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Makoto @ The Martial Arts Studio offers training for both teens and adults in Daito Ryu... Aiki-jutsu... Wing Chun... and Meishin Muso Ryu Sword.