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  • Exciting adventures to such places as: Dutch Wonderland… Mt. Gretna Lake… the Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise… Dutch Springs Water Park… Diggerland… and much more . Yup. Makoto campers take 3-4 field trips EVERY WEEK! And they are different, EVERY WEEK. 
Makoto Summer Camp

For MORE details or to REGISTER... click on the buttons below. Have a question? We have answers. Email us today at...  info@makotoway.com 

Plus the Makoto Summer Camp Program offers:

  • Full-day of fun:  regular hours are 8:00am-5:00pm with an Extended Day option from 7:30am-6:00pm.
  • Affordability: all field trips and martial arts classes are included. Along with 2 t-shirts and pizza every Friday. 
  • Flexible Scheduling:  Pick one week or all eleven (11). You can even attend a single Sanity Day during the week... as long as there is availability. 
  • Education in Samurai Values: such as holding the door for others... being respectful... putting in 100% effort... and much (much) more.
  • Cool martial arts training. A Makoto Summer Camp experience includes daily martial arts classes. Campers will learn all the right ninja moves… how to wield double sticks, nunchucks, even a practice sword… and earn belts (as many as possible). ​

Ok… truth. Last Summer was a bit of a wash out. Sure, your kids got to spend more time with you and their neighborhood friends, but there is no getting around it… the Summer of 2020 was not the summer of their dreams. 

Never fear! The Makoto Summer Camp  Program can fix that this year. With…

  • Fun event days including: Carnival Day… the Makoto Olympics… a Battle Royale and Camping Cookout.
Makoto Summer Camp
Makoto Summer Camp
Makoto Summer Camp

2021 ​makoto summer CAMP program

Makoto Summer Camp

Make the 2021 Summer one to remember. Send your kids to the Makoto Summer Camp Program and we GUARANTEE your kids will... 

  • Be excited to attend every day. 
  • Come home with smiles and stories.
  • Make many new friends.
  • And, ​thank you daily for sending them to the best Summer Camp ever.