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​Makoto summer program: "Teen Weeks"

Plus, Mom and Day can rest easy knowing that "Teen Weeks" in the Makoto Summer Program are:

  • ​Full-day affairs from 8:00am-6:00pm.
  • Run by certified ADULT instructors.
  • Electronics free! (We know your teen will need his/her phone but online interactions will be kept to a minimum. An occasional selfie has to happen, of course!)

There is a solution... "Teen Weeks" in the 2019 Makoto Summer Program. 

         Week #1...  June 17-21, 2019        Week #2... June 24-28, 2019
         Week #3... July 15-19, 2019           Week #4... July 22-26, 2019
         Week #5... August 5-9, 2019         Week #6... August 12-16, 2019

Created for young adults ONLY -- ages 12-16 years -- "Teen Weeks"  offer your

middle and high schoolers the experience they are craving. 

  • Community:  There are no "youngsters" allowed in the "Teen Weeks" of the
    ​Makoto Summer Program. Only kids ages 12-16 years can enroll. So your teen will have the opportunity to hang out and have fun with their peers. 

  • Adventure:  Forget the moonbounces and merry-go-rounds. During "Teen Week" your kids will be experience fun, older-kid adventures such as:  White Water Rafting... Dutch Springs Water Park... Ashbury Beach in New Jersey... rock climbing and rappelling... outdoor cooking... and much more. Not to mention learning cool martial arts skills including nunchuku and sword. 

  • FUNNo teen wants to spend their summer sitting on the couch staring at the wall. "Teen Weeks" in the Makoto Summer Program is a cool way for your teen to have the fun summer experience they are craving without having to say they went to "kiddie camp."

Summertime during the teenage years. Ugh. The kids think they're too big to attend a "silly" summer program, but definitely do not want to be stuck at home with you. After all... "it's boooring, mom!"

So, what do you do? Listen to them complain ALL summer, or find something for them to do? 


For more information on the Makoto Summer Program and it's extra cool "Teen Weeks", click on the buttons below.  Everything from the registration form to the field trip calendar is right at your fingertips.