But how does Makoto do it? How do they help kids to become successful at life? Makoto is a many layered program that uses martial arts... strength... and brain training to build the body, strengthen the mind, and develop character.

after-school martial arts ​program

Recent Yale studies show that movement – whether it’s exercise or play -- makes the brain quicker and more agile. And the quicker our brain, the better we are at problem solving… creative thinking… and adapting. That’s why Makoto incorporates strength/circuit training into its weekly class schedule. 

Twice a week members participate in 30- to 45-minute cardio, circuit, and weight training classes. They lift age-appropriate weights. Use their own body weight to build muscle. Run laps and more. Makoto have even designed its own proprietary physical methodology called “Fluid Exercise™”. With “Fluid Exercise” training, Makoto students learn the proper body mechanics of running, jumping and throwing. The result is that they will be able to run farther… jump higher… and throw faster. And all with a lesser degree of risk to hurting muscles and joints.  

Character Training

At the very root of Makoto is its martial arts training. Because... the very essence of the martial arts not only teaches a child to believe in themselves but gives them the confidence to know their own mind and follow it. 

Each week, Makoto members will train in Japanese Kempo… a classical, 800-year old art. They will practice… test… and earn belts all the way up to (and past) 1st Dan, or Black Belt. 

But by training in the martial arts, Makoto members will earn so much more than belts. They will gain self confidence, motivation and perseverance. Plus, learn -- and understand -- the principles of fairness... respect... and discipline.

As children get older, they begin to understand more about the world in their place in it. That is why in the Young Adult/Teen Leadership program, middle-school and high-school age members move on to a higher level of learning. They learn how to be leaders. What it means to be a mentor. And how to stand up for what is right. Plus, they are are challenged to learn and apply such concepts as positive self talk... goal setting... even time management. As a Teen Leader, members are understanding what it means to be a useful part of society. 

Makoto trains the spirit through the martial arts and the body with strength/circuit work. To train the mind, Makoto utilizes meditation and daily discussions. 

Kids are busier than ever. They have hours of homework… music lessons… and more. With so much going on all the time, they get stressed and easily discouraged. 
At Makoto, members will learn to relax by using the disciplines of Zazen and Kundalini meditation. Both disciplines use breathing, correct posture, and hand positions to calm the mind. Because when the mind is no longer racing, a child can take a step back… reassess the situation… and move forward confidently. 

Daily Discussions
The way we communicate these days has changed. People use texts to avoid hard conversations and use “likes” to weight in on important matters.  The art –and respect – for face-to-face conversations has been lost.

 At Makoto we teach the kids to openly discuss important matters such as honor and hard work through daily discussions. Sitting down as a group teaches members how to communicate personally with each other. Not only learning social cues but differing opinions.

At Makoto we realize that as kids grow, so does their understanding of the world and what their capable of doing in/with it. That is why Makoto has crafted two levels of training for its evolutionary programs: 

  • Youth Leadership – 1st-6th Grades
  • Young Adult/Teen Leadership – 7th-12th Grades

Martial Arts Training

In the elementary years, children are just becoming aware. Not only of their self but of their surroundings. That is why the Youth Leadership program focuses on a core understanding of: (1) what are good values and good decisions... (2) what are the healthy habits that they should have... and (3) what it takes to be strong in both body and mind. 

Strength & Circuit Training